Do You Like Wine? The Verde Valley Trail Has Their Own Unique Grown Wine!

Verde Valley Wine Trail


On the Verde Valley Wine Trail,  you will enjoy sampling their wines driving through the magnificent red rock canyon, full of lush greenery and rich in history just outside of Sedona. In the heart of the Verde Valley lies the small, charming town of Cottonwood, surrounded by old cottonwoods, jagged mountains, mesas, and buttes. The Verde Valley is located high above the desert heat but not high enough for Arizona High Country cold weather. Cottonwood has ideal conditions for producing excellent wine grapes.

If you like to explore on your own, then you will really appreciate the Verde Valley Wine Trail. Just be sure to bring someone who is willing to be the designated driver, because you will be tasting a lot of wine. Along the trail, you will visit five wineries and six tasting rooms: Cottonwood, Jerome, Sedona, Clarkdale, and Cornville. Each winery is unique and produces its own completely distinct wines. Some of the wineries that will be visited include:


Remember again, to drive responsibly. You will experience some of the best wine in the country while on the Verde Valley Wine Trail. Remember to enjoy the scenery and food while on the wine trail. And if you like a certain wine remember to purchase a bottle!

If you would like to see the Verde Valley Wine Trail website you can find it here: Verde Valley Wine Trail

Sedona has lots of other things to do and will be be revealing those fun spots in other blog posts!

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