Sedona Is Here For You To Explore! See The Popularity of Exposures International Gallery Of Fine Art!

Image Courtesy Of: Arizona Key Youtube Channel

Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art

Sedona is known for lots of things, but Art is one of them! One Art gallery that is world famous in Sedona is called “Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art”.  Marty and Diane Herman are the founders of this art gallery and present the art in a way that you will notice and shows appreciation of fine art that it has withing their building. Within the world of art, Exposures International Gallery has earned a very distinct reputation as a nationwide trendsetter for art. There is different art to observe in their gallery including bronze and stone sculptures to oil and acrylic paintings. The gallery also contains fine art jewelry and glass art! You will find everything in Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art.


Click on the catagory below to see some of the art that is featured at Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art:

Fine Art Photography
Wall Art


If you would like to see the home page of Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art you can find it here:

Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art


Hear raving comments from people that have visited Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art!:



“I literally spent hours in here. They have an amazing selection of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, etc. I looked and looked, until I finally settled on my purchases. I left amazed and pleased with my purchases. They are extremely nice and knowledgeable. They also have garden sculptures between the gallery and parking lot.”

-Michelle  R


“What An Amazing Collection Of Paintings and Sculpture!”

My wife and I were recently in Sedona on vacation and saw that “Exposures Gallery” was rated very highly on your site, so we decided to stop by. Are we ever glad that we did! Just viewing the amazing collection of objets d’art was fascinating but we were approached by one of the sales consultants, Leah Meleski, who kindly showed us a variety of items and talked about their significance and the artists who created them. She very much added to the joy of our visit!



“One Of The Most Amazing Galleries”

“This gallery is a must see. It has some of the most amazing art from artists all over the world. The artwork is so unique. There is something there for everyone. Absolutely, don’t miss it!”



“This Place Is Incredible!”

“My hubby and I wanted to spend a leisure day and this was on our agenda. The outdoor sculptures were so amazing and it was so peaceful walking and observing it all. Once we went inside, we were amazed at the incredible talent of all the different art. Most of it was not financially possible for us but it doesn’t cost to look. We were so glad that we stopped here. We have been in many galleries in our travels but this was by far the best ever!”

-Dianne H


“One Of The Finest Galleries”

“You can spend hours in this gallery trying to take in the vast array of art, sculpture, etc. Outdoor sculpture garden was closed but a peek out the door would create another few hours of delightful wandering.”


These are only some of the testimonials from people that visited the Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art. If you would like to see more testimonials, you can visit Trip Advisor to see more here:

Trip Advisor Testimonials of Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art


WATCH: Exposures Gallery In Sedona!

Video Credit: Arizona Key





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