Festive Shopping! Great Shopping at Tlaquepaque! (Videos Included!)

Tlaquepaque Arts And Crafts Village

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Women love to shop! No doubt about that! So if you are coming to Sedona where to go to shop? One of the most well known places is to go to the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village! When you come to Sedona, Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is down the junctions of State Highways 89A and 179. This is a large outside shopping area with cobblestone streets and mosaic fountains that gives a feel of a old stucco rustic southwestern village atmosphere. At Tlaqueplaque, it has a range of fun things to do and browse at. There are art galleries, new age shops, modern art galleries, jewelry shops, unique glasswork art galleries as well as live music being played! After browsing and shopping, you will definitely need to eat after all of that heavy shopping! There are a few restaurants that you will enjoy after doing that big time shopping!


A lot of visitors who come to Sedona ALWAYS recommend that you go to Tlaquepaque (We know this is a difficult word to say, it’s pronounced Tel-AH-ki-PAH-ki).  We picked out some comments dealing directly with Tlaquepaque and they were very positive. We found these testimonials of people who have visited Tlaquepaque, and will give you some idea of what these visitors thought about Tlaquepaque.


“Tlaquepaque is a collection of many shops and restaurants. We stayed at El Portal which is about 2 minutes walking distance from Tlaquepaque. The weekend we were in Sedona, Tlaquepaque was having luminaries that Saturday night. There were thousands of lanterns lit and live music being played, free hot cider being served, all this creating a very festive atmosphere. It was a pleasure to walk around the narrow lanes that crisscrossed between the shops and eateries.”



“We took some friends to Sedona who had never been there as we knew that he Christmas decorations and festivities would be a great experience for all of us. After shopping in Sedona for a few hours, we headed to Tiaquepaque which was jammed with locals and tourists. It was a great and festive with free cider, cookies, carolers and genuine happy people who were friendly and welcoming to all of us. While it was rather cold, it was and experience worth repeating every Christmas season! We then went to Pisa Mia for another excellent meal of wood fired pizza before heading back to Phoenix!”

-David R


“My wife and I revisited Tlaquepaque on this trip. Glad we did. It was nice wandering through the shops. We even found a great bronze to purchase at Renee Taylor Gallery”

-Phil G


Tlaquepaque is an outdoor shopping experience which has an authentic old world feel. Many local arts and crafts among courtyards with fountains and beautiful architecture. There are also many wonderful dining experiences in this quaint village.”



“This cute village is located on the way to the downtown Sedona. When I went there for a breakfast, I found out this village has everything: art shops, craft stores, restaurants, and cafes. The landscape was interesting and fun to walk around!”

-Windy And Sun


These are some of the testimonials from people’s experience of the quaint and rustic mall known as Tlaquepague on Trip Advisor!


If you want to watch a few quick videos on Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, you can see it on the NEXT PAGE>>>


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